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We have worked across the globe, providing specialised medical equipment, consultancy services, disaster relief support and sustainable training opportunities, mainly working in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs).

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A Global Reach

Medical Aid International have supported healthcare projects all over the world. With a history of working across Africa, Asia, South America and more – we understand the environments we work in and tailor bespoke medical solutions for to suit these needs. We supply equipment and skills specifically developed for, and adapted to, the particular needs of LMICs and work closely with partners and local healthcare teams to improve the lives and wellbeing of those less fortunate than us. 

What is an LMIC?

The term low and middle-income country (LMIC) refers to the economy of the countries. Due to this, many LMICs face an issue with a lack of healthcare provisions and education. Tim Beacon experienced first-hand the agonising challenges of providing adequate healthcare to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Non-existent or obsolete equipment; lack of maintenance and training; donated Western devices too resource-hungry for infrastructure-poor environments – these were the pitfalls that spurred CEO Tim to found Medical Aid International.

Let's work together.

One of the easiest ways we can make budgets go a long way is the sensible use of equipment no longer required in the West. This recycling is very effective. Please do contact us for further details if you think you have equipment of any sort that may help.

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