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Big Bertha Autoclave

Designed for use by the US Military they are self-contained extremely robust and simple with no electrical circuit boards inside. Perfect for our work where reliable sterilisation is so very important. They can be easily transported with the ends folding down to form a stand. They work on single and three phase electricity. They are front loading and are 112lts in size with multiple shelf options.

They sterilise and dry wrapped and unwrapped dressings, instruments, utensils, glassware, gloves, syringes, bed pans and liquids.

Each phase of the sterilising cycle—pressurization, exhaust and vacuum—is started manually by a programming wheel that operates a single multi-port valve. The programming wheel has a cycle-phrase indicator. All the relevant dials and controls are located in easy-to read positions. The timer is located beneath the door frame.

We have supplied new ones to the UK Disaster Relief hospital and a large volume of pre-owned ones to a wide variety of charities and NGO’s world-wide. Indeed some large hospitals brought them for back up and they now are the only steriliser in the hospital.

“Alternatively, If you are working in Rural areas where there is no or unreliable electricity. Take a look at our Ecoclave. This autoclave uses wood very effectively and is the revolutionary answer to this problem”