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Digital X-Ray

Any substantial healthcare facility needs reliable X-Ray. Yet in low resource environments most clinics and hospitals are presented with many challenges in this area which directly can affect the quality of care given.


  • Lack of supply of X-Ray films due to availability and cost
  • Lack of supply of X-Ray developing chemicals and associated cost
  • Inadequate developing machines
  • Difficulty in obtaining a second opinion
  • Storage of X-Rays
  • Poor quality, old, unreliable
  • X-Ray machines

At Medical Aid International we specialise in clinical solutions for low resource environments, taking into account the specific challenges each location presents.

Digital X-Ray transforms the diagnostic process. X-Rays are taken as normal, with the digital plate in a (supplied) cassette, no change of X-Ray machine is required. Once the X-Ray is taken, the cassette is then placed in the scanner and 45 seconds following this the image is on the screen. It is be viewed utilising a comprehensive software package with the full range of options available. These include the ability to join images, measure lengths and angles, zoom in, and alter contrast. The software is very user friendly and has full patient data record capability. The image can be immediately seen on other networked computers and other users can log in from anywhere in the world. The image has cost nothing to take and can be printed for the patients notes.
Digital X-Ray is also ideal for intra operative fracture treatment with the surgeon receiving images less than a minute after exposure. Often image intensifiers are not available so this is a perfect solution.

Medical Aid International The MAI Digital X-Ray System

The MAI Digital X-Ray System