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Healthcare Solutions

MedAid specialises in ‘Simplifying the Complex’; we offer compact, transportable and customised packages for every clinical environment.

Arbutus Orthopaedic Drill Cover

Conventional orthopaedic drill systems are expensive and one drill is often not enough due to time required to clean and sterilise between cases.


One of the vital, but often overlooked areas, in developing world healthcare is that of sterilisation.

Handheld Capnograph and Pulse Oximetry Monitor

MAI Surgical Preparation List

As an organisation, we are responsible for advising on and equipping a wide variety of clinical environments in low resource settings. This often includes operating room department

MAI Operating Table

Working on a daily basis in low resource environments we recognised the urgent need for a versatile, rugged manual operating table that delivers in all area of surgical care.

TravMed Kit

Packed in a robust red bag with an inner drugs bag, all of the items are very high quality and readily accessible.

Patient Monitoring Solutions

We supply a wide variety of solutions based on the environment and clinical needs. We also do our own portable pulse oximeter / capnograph.

Education & Meeting Centre

At Medical Aid International Education and Meeting Centre we have the perfect setting for all of your training and meeting needs.

Digital X-Ray

Any substantial healthcare facility needs reliable X-Ray. Yet in low resource environments most clinics and hospitals are presented with many challenges in this area which directly can affect the quality of care given.

Big Bertha Autoclave

Designed for use by the US Military they are self-contained extremely robust and simple with no electrical circuit boards inside.

Operating Tables

Our CE marked, European made, approved operating table overcomes the challenges that are faced in LMICs and disaster relief work.

Pulse Oximeter