Digital X-ray

Any substantial healthcare facility needs reliable X-ray, yet in low resource environments most clinics and hospitals face many challenges in this area which directly can affect the quality of care.

Delivering X-ray solutions in LMICs, especially remote locations, is often a major challenge. X-ray suites are invariably impractical due to cost, size and weight constraints of transport, alongside installation challenges.

However, our partner Fujifilm now offer an incredible solution – which we are proud to distribute. It has revolutionised our ability to offer vital X-ray support, even in the most remote environments. The Xair is a very small, portable, battery operated X-ray machine that has the power to image adult chests and pelvises. It can be used in hospitals and can also be taken to outreach clinics.

What is Digital X-ray?

Digital X-ray transforms the diagnostic process. X-rays are taken as normal, with the patient standing between the Xair and the (supplied) flat panel detector. The the wireless connection allows the image to be viewed instantly on the laptop screen once the X-ray is taken. The X-rays are viewed utilising a comprehensive software package with a range of viewing options available. The software is very user friendly and has full patient data record capability.

Utilising the Xair avoids the need for costly consumables to develop traditional X-rays, with images stored digitally. These images can easily be shared with other medial professionals, including as JPEG files, and can also be printed for the patient's notes. Digital X-ray is also ideal for intraoperative fracture treatment, with the surgeon receiving images almost instantly after exposure. Often image intensifiers are not available so this is a perfect solution.

Problems the Xair Solves

Lack of supply of X-ray films due to availability and cost Digital system, no films required
Lack of availability of X-ray developing chemicals and associated cost Digital system, no chemicals or developing time required
Inadequate developing machines No developing machines or time wasted waiting for X-rays to be developed
Difficulty in obtaining a second opinion Digital X-rays from Xair can be easily shared with other medical staff
Storage of X-rays Stored digitally, doesn't take up space
Poor quality, old, unreliable X-ray machines High-tech, reliable
Difficult to move around the hospital Weighs only 3.5kg, fully portable and can be moved to the patient's location
Large and heavy, difficult to ship to hospitals Easily transported in a military grade transport case
Requires a qualified radiographer Optionally equipped with AI diagnosis tool for chest X-ray analysis
Reliable power supply needed Takes up to 100 images on battery power

The Complete Xair Package

Medical Aid International offers a complete Xair package which includes everything needed to set up a hospital to use digital X-rays.

It includes:

  • Xair digital X-ray machine

  • Digital X-ray detector panel

  • Wireless access point

  • Laptop and all associated software (with optional AI diagnosis)

  • Military grade transport case

  • One free Medical Aid International Biomedical Engineering Training Programme, including professional toolkit

  • One free MAI Emergency Bag and one free pulse oximeter with adult, child and neonatal probes

System in use in northern DRC, a very challenging place to deliver to and provide healthcare; this was the only viable solution in this situation.

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The Xair Brochure

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Let's work together.

One of the easiest ways we can make budgets go a long way is the sensible use of equipment no longer required in the West. This recycling is very effective. Please do contact us for further details if you think you have equipment of any sort that may help.

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