Oxygen Concentrators

Those of us who work in LMIC environments all know how important oxygen concentrators are, especially given the current challenge of Coronavirus.

Why Medical Aid International for Oxygen Concentrators?

 At Medical Aid International we specialise in sensible, well managed recycling and are very pleased to offer 3,000 fully serviced recycled oxygen concentrators as a complete solutions package consisting of: 

• One 5 lts per minute AirSep Elite, fully serviced (10 point check and inspection) Oxygen Concentrator with new filters 

• Supplied with adult, child and neonatal nasal cannulae and adult and child masks 

The complete package, excluding freight is £250 

All of the products supplied are used in the British National Health Service 

Oxygen for LMICs

Learn more about Oxygen Concentrators for the LMIC environment here by watching the video from our online Biomedical Engineering programme.

The full Biomedical Engineering Course has 70+ Videos and a comprehensive professional tool kit included in the course fee. To find out more about the course, click here.


The MAI Oxygen Concentrators Leaflet

Other Solutions

Anaesthetic Solutions

Based on many years’ experience, we advise on and provide long-term anaesthetic solutions that are as effective high in the Himalayas as they are in a major teaching hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Operating Tables

Working on a daily basis in low resource environments we recognised the urgent need for a versatile, rugged manual operating table that delivers in all area of surgical care.

Let's work together.

One of the easiest ways we can make budgets go a long way is the sensible use of equipment no longer required in the West. This recycling is very effective. Please do contact us for further details if you think you have equipment of any sort that may help.

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