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There are so many ways you can get involved with our work at Medical Aid International. From helping to fund a project, to training and partnerships, read on to find out how we can work together to improve patient care. 

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“There are nearly no maternal deaths in the hospitals we support with Medaid.” – Dr Nigel Pearson, Semiliki Trust

How Can I Get Involved?

1) Funding a healthcare project

We have spent many years working in demanding, low-resource environments and have built up substantial networks and experience. We have many projects, globally, that require urgent funding, for instance:

  • Operating rooms
  • Sterilisation departments
  • Imaging departments (X-ray and/or ultrasound)
  • Maternity units
  • Rural clinics
  • Intensive care units
  • Ambulances

We facilitate projects both small and large, tailoring our approach to your interests and budget.

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2) Funding a Training Initiative

Training, education, and personal development are in our DNA, and our absolutely vital for effective healthcare delivery. We have an incredibly successful online biomedical engineering programme that comes with a full professional toolkit, textbooks, work attire and other items, more details can be seen here.

The availability of biomedical engineers who can maintain and repair equipment in the developing world is currently extremely limited. Our course gives superb foundational skills, technical knowledge, and includes train the trainer as well as first aid elements (see here to watch some of the videos). Used globally, it is a great adjunct to capacity building.

There is clear evidence for the programme’s success and incredible demand for the programme; funds are the limiting factor. We have over 1000 students who have formally applied for a place on the programme, such is its reputation and effectiveness. We are urgently seeking funding for these students.

3) Through Partnership

Do you have an ongoing project which would benefit from our experience? Get in touch so we can help you achieve your objectives.

Helping people in the developing world does not have to be complicated, a point excellently made by Dr Nigel Pearson who is interviewed in our marvellous Viewpoint documentary. He says of our partnership, helping people across the DRC in Africa:

“There are nearly no maternal deaths in the hospitals we support with Medaid.”

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Watch the Full Corporate Documentary

We are thrilled to have worked with Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid to produce such a high-quality documentary about our work in LMICs. It details the many challenges we encounter and solutions to overcome them. 


Let's work together.

One of the easiest ways we can make budgets go a long way is the sensible use of equipment no longer required in the West. This recycling is very effective. Please do contact us for further details if you think you have equipment of any sort that may help.

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