Patient Monitoring Solutions

Patient monitoring is something which should be high on the priority list for any hospital to ensure the patients remain in good health. We supply a wide variety of solutions based on the environment and clinical needs. We also do our own portable pulse oximeter/capnograph.

But monitoring functions can add huge costs to anaesthetic equipment – so all too often, LMIC hospitals and healthcare facilities go without.

Crucially, at Medical Aid International, we supply monitoring solutions that have been conceived specifically to suit the demands of LMIC environments, and to deliver the same benefits as integrated anaesthetic / monitoring machines, but at far lower cost.

Our Patient Monitoring Solutions

We can supply hand-held devices for oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement and carbon dioxide monitoring (capnography), as well as blood pressure sphygmomanometers, facilitating monitoring processes affordably.

Our monitoring solutions are also supplied with accessories to suit the wide patient age range of LMIC environments (from neonatal to adult), and can comprise cost-effective devices for ECG,

anaesthetic agent monitoring, and suction, plus a full range of LED laryngoscopes with replacement parts. Wherever there’s an anaesthetic challenge in an LMIC environment, we have a context-appropriate response.

Examples of the main parameters that must be considered when procuring patient monitoring equipment are shown in the table opposite.

Medical Aid International Brochure

More Information in the Medical Aid International Brochure

Other Solutions

Anaesthetic Solutions

Based on many years’ experience, we advise on and provide long-term anaesthetic solutions that are as effective high in the Himalayas as they are in a major teaching hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Digital X-Ray

Any substantial healthcare facility needs reliable X-Ray. Yet in low resource environments most clinics and hospitals face many challenges in this area which directly can affect the quality of care.

Let's work together.

One of the easiest ways we can make budgets go a long way is the sensible use of equipment no longer required in the west. This recycling is very effective. Please do contact us for further details if you think you have equipment of any sort that may help.

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